Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Running Into Trouble

Sorry I haven't posted lately...The First Family has been battling a family-wide sinus infection for a week that renders us lazy and snotty. In addition, we had to attend a graduation in Baltimore. I will post about the trip later. On to business...

A Mr. Conley wrote in last week to inquire about roads in the area. As a runner, the condition of the roads are of interest to him from a unique perspective. Now the Mayor only runs when he is being chased, but I understand his concerns.

"There's been a lot of road improvement going on in and around Affton recently and Afftonianites [sic] such as myself are probably interested in the scope of road repairs in and around Affton. Specifically road repairs in the neighborhood East of Mackenzie and South of Gravois. And more specifically the hill on Daisy Lane. (It sucks.) The arc in the road is ridiculously high and the ditches in our front yards also suck."

I have not yet been able to get over there to check it out, but I can tell you that the surface of Mackenzie Road has more pock marks than the faces of Affton High teenagers. There is a rep from MoDOT at the Affton Community Betterment Assn. meeting and he updates folks on projects. I can bring this area up to him, but I'd like to point out where you and others can go with this.

On this web page on the County's site are the steps through which "needs" become "projects." At the end of the page is an email link where you can write in about a particular section of road. On this page, there is a form one can fill out about a specific problem location.

I can say from experience with this Department that their service has been good. We had some street signs stolen in front of the Mayor's house a year or so ago, and I emailed about it. Within a few days, we had new signs. Until you see some results, I recommend citizens run on the River Des Peres Greenway Trail or Grant's Trail.


At 2:05 PM, Anonymous Mr. Conley said...

Thanks for the info, I submitted a note to the county from the link you provided. Maybe the county will be able to do something, maybe not.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Mayor of Affton said...

And please let me know if they don't. You may have to get more than just yourself upset about the road to get something to happen, but they are very good at emails at least.

At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Frank said...

I as well emailed the county through the link making suggestions on the roads in Affton.
Keep up the good work and you become a 2 termer.

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Mayor of Affton said...

Two terms! Damn, that would be amazing!


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