Monday, May 15, 2006

Federhofers Still Open for Business

Recently, a Mr. Lydon emailed the Mayor with an alarming rumor. The rumor proposed that Federhofer's Bakery at 9005 Gravois might be closing. A quick call to the establishment this afternoon to ask for comment on said rumor prompted this [actual] statement from the "gal on the phone":


One can interpret this two ways. First that this is the truth. Second, that this is a cover up and that they have become delirious thinking about all their debts.

Either way, I recommend that you call and order a wedding cake and a pack of party rolls (or a Fresh Grape Melba when in season) just to be on the safe side and to insure their future. In case you were not aware, their sign is a registered local landmark with the County.[photo courtesy: Signs of Gravois]


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