Monday, June 05, 2006

St. Dom's is NOT Serving 3.2 Beer at the Parish Carnival!

My fellow Afftonians, in case you missed it, or were under the weather with the dreaded sinus infection, the parish carnival season is upon us! This is a great tradition in Affton! I was not able to make it to Seven Holy Founders a couple weeks ago, but come hell or high water I am always at the St. Dominic Savio picnic! Whether you are a parent, an aging parishoner, part of the Men's Club, a shut-in, or a middle-schooler learning how to flirt, this picnic is the place for you! I was totally an idiot and forgot to bring the First Lady's camera, but let's just say that between silly string, beer cups and pie throwing, the place looked like a great party.

St. Dominic's is nestled among a great neighborhood of homes built in the mid 1950's just north of Heege on Mackenzie. It is also the First Lady's former grade school. Your Mayor had the honor of sharing a few rounds of Break-A-Plate and Krazy Kans with some of the constituency. I was also recognized by a very young voter as I entered the Super Slide.

In addition to the games of skill, I presided over a few cold beers sent to me by the First Father-in-Law. I appreciate that the Catholics know that fully alcoholic beer makes a great party. Your Mayor was formerly a resident of Webster Groves and I know for a fact that the Webster Lions Club is serving 3.2 beer (or "near beer") for outrageous prices at the huge festival they do over July 4th weekend at the Webster Rec Plex. This controversy once made the Webster-Kirkwood Times when a new vendor wanted to sell wine and the Lions Club opposed the measure saying they had an exclusive on alcoholic drinks and "weren't getting anyone drunk anyway" and that serving wine would cause drunken chaos.

I really want to hand it to whomever had the good taste to book Mid-Rock Crisis as the band this year. As one who is highly critical of live music, I have to say that I was impressed at the caliber of this band for a parish picnic. They covered decades of music reproducing the hits from Joe Jackson to the Gin Blossoms and from Sam and Dave to Steppenwolf! A great mix of music for the great mix of generations undulating rhythmically on the asphalt dance floor. They are correct in noting on their web site that AFFTON ROCKS.


At 5:03 PM, Blogger joeyrenza said...

Sadly, the west coast just has no clue about how to throw a proper parish picnic party... Your Honor should go on a tutorial tour of small towns on the west coast spreading the festival love.


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