Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Revenue-Generating Proposal

Everytime the Future First Family drives home from somewhere, we pass the El Maguey Mexican Restaurant. Currently it's located at 7014 Chippewa in a former 1-1/2 story house. The place was founded by three brothers from Alabama of all places, but that's not important. What is important is that the place is packed...always. I'm not just talking about Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday, Tuesday...anyday, the lot is full or there is a line out the door. Although the Future First Lady is not their biggest fan, I am ceratinly in the running for that race as well.

Everyone I talk to about the place agrees that they need a patio and/or more inside seating. Future Mayor's Father-in-law and I have discussed the amount of savings that El Maguey can realize if they would simply cut back on the amount of sour cream they dispense when you ask for "a side of sour cream." This usually constitutes about 1/2 cup of the substance. Clearly far more than you need for a few tacos. I think they could afford the patio in less than a year.

I propose that Affton make a move to attract this thriving, minority-owned business to our fair zip code. I further propose that El Maguey develop a new property at 7208 Watson Rd. (which is only about 3 parcels west of the current location.) Currently this property sits vacant and undeveloped. El Maguey will save big as they will no longer pay City earnings tax and the proposed site is actually unincorporated St. Louis County lowering taxation further. The difference might be made up on the improved property, however the proposed site is smaller. Parking can be facilitated by using the neighboring Car X lot and the Optical Medical Center during busy hours. A patio overlooking Historic Route 66 sounds loke a good idea for Affton! Now who wants a burrito?


At 9:09 AM, Blogger ellidew said...

As a resident of Affton i can wholeheartedly agree that something needs to be done with the El Maguey restaurant on Watson. Albeit one of the minor problems I have with the community I call home. I have only been there once and was disgusted! So disgusted I vowed never to return to that location. If something were to be done then perhaps I could stop pumping money into the newly remodeled location in Concord Plaza!

At 2:56 PM, Blogger Mayor of Affton said...

Ohh! Concord Plaza...a whole other tangle of issues. Future posts will deal with this.

Great comment.


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