Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ditch Your Date with Ryan Seacrest and Hit the Trails!

Thank you all for your comments. Keep them coming!

The weather has been beautiful lately and your Mayor was out on the bicycle last night trying out the new bridge that crosses River Des Peres between Morganford & Loughborough. It's nice! (Pictured.) I know this is not my jurisdiction, but I need to keep tabs on our neighbors to maintain my visionary regional perspective on things.

Need I remind you, Afftonians of the hidden gem of Grant's Trail? This path is easily one of our biggest assets. It is a great 6 mile sojourn through some of our most beautiful areas on an old railroad spur. Currently, it's an island, but if Trailnet andCrestwood can get their act together, this ultimately will connect to the bike path system being implemented by the Great Rivers Greenway. Check out the link if you have never heard of it.

Trailnet and Great Rivers plan to connect the path to the riverfront trail downtown. Crestwood (currently broke) is supposed to pick up part of the completion of the trail into Kirkwood. (The plan is to extend the trail from Pardee Road, over Sappington and north over the old train bridge over Hwy. 44. (Shown in dots on the map at left.)

Regardless of Crestwood's fiscal health, YOUR health is of vital importance! Healthy bodies make active, VOTING bodies. For the love of all things holy, turn off "American Idol" and get your butt some exercise!


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