Monday, August 28, 2006

Metrolink Opens...Affton and City Both Under-represented!!

Well the new extension of the MetroLink opened Saturday with much fanfare and the First Family was all over it. In addition to free rides along the route, we opted to partake in the festivities that were planned at the Shrewsbury station. My first beef with this was that it involved closing the few remaining feet of River Des Peres that are not under construction. The entire area south of Landsdowne was blocked to traffic.

But first, the train...parking is more than ample at the station. My recent change in jobs now allows me to take the train to work which I did today and plan on trying to do most days. I can't tell you how actually beautiful River Des Peres could be if it were allowed to have water in it all the time. It had rained a lot Friday night and was flowing well when our train pulled out over the bridge that extends over I-44. Get a glimpse of it soon if you can. The ride was delightful and full of people out for a free test ride which was nice to see.

On our return, we headed toward the party across Landsdowne. There was plenty of free stuff to do as well as food and live music. Your Mayor and First Father-in-Law even got to have a beer (making all encounters with in-laws universally better!) The BIGGEST spoiler for me the entire day was the fact that I spied a mexican food vendor with margaritas AND THEY WERE FROM O'FALLON!!!! WTF? This party was less than one mile from (Mayor's favorite) El Maguey and no one invited them to the party??? Clearly someone screwed up big time.

Why on earth would you invite ANYTHING from St. Charles County...a place that has no public transportation, votes down any involvement in MetroLink expansion, and has one of the largest disparities between workforce housing and the grand opening of METROLINK???!!! The Mayor demands an explanation for this.


At 9:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very happy that the extension is finally open. However, it stills as if it is a system that goes nowhere. Unless you work along the route or need to catch a flight it still seems useless. Now, when there is an actual stop in the loop, in the west end and at crestwood and south county mall I will be open to riding it. In fact I would ride it at this time if it went near my office at Jefferson and Market.
And on st charles. I was a student on campus at Lindenwood from 1983-87. My first year on campus a i-state bus stop was right in front of the gates and with enough transfers I could eventually make my way back here to Affton to visit my parents. St Charles removed this and many other stops from their lines with an argument around ncreased crime. I still to this day though have never seen anyone on the bus or metro link with stereo cmponents , TV or jewelry boxes.
Another point I need to address and I hope we can have some discussion here is on racism in south county. Sunday I ttok my son who s bi-racial to sunset hills borders and had an older gentlemen call my son who is 13 months old a n****r baby. At this time and place I find this completely shocking and unwarranted. I had hoped this behavior had been left behind a long time ago and that the south county area had grown up. I however discovered that south county right now is probably not grown up but just a cruel teenager. What other experiences has anyone had. What can we do to make this a better and more tolerant region.


At 9:47 PM, Blogger Mayor of Affton said...

WOW! First off, let me say that I would have had some harsh words AT MINIMUM with that "gentleman" on your behalf. Since the Mayor took office, I have had no problem with making a public scene with myself. That crap is intolerable and it takes the enlightened ones so off guard that we are often not ready with a response. Borders...I'm amazed the wanker could even read! Steady there, citizen Frank.

On civilized topics, let me say that my new job takes me to 17th and Olive and I found it a joy to take the train in to work. I suggest you do the same.

Jefferson and Market is hardly far from Union Station. Most folks do not realize that they can take a bike on Metro. Even the bus racks are a breeze to use with your bike. Have a look at some bike commuter web sites and give it a try. It's great because you ALSO get your need for the gym membership or time away from your BEAUTIFUL son.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you walk through the mall of Union Station from its MetroLink stop, you're almost half way already to AG Edwards. And where MetroLink goes under Jefferson between 40 and Chouteau is actually just as far from AG Edwards as Union Station. Personally, I'd rather walk across one Market Street bridge west of Union Station than over two bridges along Jefferson, if another stop were even added to MetroLink.

Affton-raised, South City resident


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