Thursday, October 12, 2006

Waking the Sleeping Dog

As if the Grant's View land deal was not wild enough for our community, I am beginning to hear qualified rumors that Andy Busch may be filing suit against the parties that halted the planned development. I think he has a great case.

The Mayor has been fully in support of the development based on the demand for new housing in the inner ring suburbs, not to mention the huge increase in tax base, economic multipliers as more shoppers shop Affton and, of course, more voters getting involved.

It seems likely to speculate that not only would the County Economic Council be sued, but Grantwood Village, or the Grassroots on Gravois organization also would be sued as they mounted the legal horse to stop the development. Boy, that would really put the Angry Villagers in a pickle! If you thought affording the last lawsuit was going to be expensive, think about this one! You have tangled with someone who has infinite amounts of time and money on his side. No doubt, there is some informal agreement with Busch and the developers to meet again once all this ugliness gets ironed out and Busch gets the land and entitlements in place.

Once this gets going, I'm going to crack a few smooth Busch beers and watch the sparks fly.


At 1:36 AM, Anonymous elbarto said...

beer, i love beer. i will watch and drink beer.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I think he has a great case"

Why? On what grounds?

At 12:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it very amusing that the Mayor of Affton is all for crappy, low quality, over stuffed housing, terrible traffic problems and flooding. Do the rest of the residents of Affton know how their mayor feels?

Elise Vandover (a quite happy Villager)

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Mayor of Affton said...

Obviously, this seems to be a hot topic. I'm no lawyer, but the General Counsel to the Mayor says that Busch may have a case on "Tortous Interference with Contract."

Tortuous interference is the unlawful interference into one’s contractual or business affairs. For example, someone who uses the web to defame an individual’s business and contacts their customers (or prospective customers) may be violating this law. A special case of tortuous interference called “Tortuous Interference with Prospective Advantage” is available in some states to punish those who seek to damage one’s ability to find and retain new customers.

At 2:23 PM, Blogger Mayor of Affton said...

To address your somewhat snide comment, Miss Vandover, of course the Mayor is NOT for crappy, low quality, over stuffed housing, terrible traffic problems and flooding.

What the Mayor does support is the development of new, inner-ring housing at market rates with some inclusive zoning within the development parameters set by a participatory, locally represented body of government.

Since your comment does not have any valid facts for me to discuss with you, I can only assume your remarks are based on the claims of the rest of the Grantwood Village arguments which I have repudiated before on this site.

Let's look at your comment, shall we?

CRAPPY- I can only assume that you mean "not brick like my house". I appreciate brick construction as much as you...I assure you. Brick is however many times more expensive and is not always an option. It certainly is not going to make the houses affordable.

LOW QUALITY--you mean shoddy construction? Based on the enforcement of local building codes and the developer's adversity to risk in this lawsuit-happy world, do you REALLY think they can even get away with passing something off as "crappy?"

OVER STUFFED--You know, this is a regional attitude coming out. Again, code will prohibit 10 people from living in a 500 square foot house. Cities thrive on density. If you doubt it, look at the Central West End. Do you know why that 26 story new residential tower was built? It was because the "charming" CWE had been losing population for deades. It was trying to survive on a market of people dying off. They made the smart choice and chose to attract new faces with new money to the area. Affton needs a new market position NOW or it will always be considered "too hoosier" on the whole for some great middle income families that could brathe new life into the area.

TRAFFIC PROBLEMS--Another regional perspective. St. Louis does not have a traffic problem. PERIOD.

FLOODING--this is one case where I may give you some latitude. I'd like to see the County Parks Dept. actually support development on the property. Their main concern was flooding and I would not want to see it overlooked. I filled my share of sandbags in 1993 and don't want anyone to have to do that again. If this concern is mitigated, Grant's Trail would see a great number of new users and that's good for everybody.

At 12:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Mayor and Ms. Vandover:

I am the one who Proclaimed Affton to be "too hoosier."

Old 50's style brick houses. Under acheiving school district.
24oz. Beer drinking whinos who would rather sit and watch their land depreciate that get up and actually do something about it.

This is exactly why I back the Mayor....and his efforts to turn the tides in Affton. Ms. Vandover clearly wants a run-down 1950's ranch house with low taxes and terrible roads.....I'll be seeing you Wildwood, Elise!

At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is wrong with fewer, nicer, larger, more expensive brick and stone homes? Wouldn't that be less hoosier? I personally don't like pretty little vinyl boxes all in a row.

At 6:15 AM, Anonymous Carlo said...

Good Job! :)

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