Sunday, December 23, 2007

Finally, Resolution on Gravois!

Well, my Afftonians, it appears that the Angry Villagers in Grantwood Village are no longer so angry. The Suburban Journal is reporting this week that the new plan for a senior assisted living center on the acreage next to Cor Jesu has met with everyone's approval. I'm very pleased that the developer, Erickson Retirement Communities, of Catonsville, Md. was responsive to issues brought up by the residents. This is the way it should happen and shows that it IS possible to get the public's support for a well-planned development. I'm also very pleased that Cor Jesu got what they wanted in the deal and will be able to expand and to stay competitive.

I'm a bit dismayed that the population of the community will be only seniors. There was a real opportunity here to bring much needed new housing for middle class families to Affton that would bring some new life, energy and ideas to our area. Instead we will have more voting seniors who have been sent off by their families to grow old outside of their homes.

While the Carondelet neighborhood, a new haven for young families, is moving forward with their plans for an aquatic center for example, Affton will remain unable to compete until some more progressive minds move in.


At 7:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where exactly is this going to go?

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