Monday, April 23, 2007

County Resident Survey

Citizens, your federal government has seen fit to endowing the county residents with $5.5 million in Community Development Block Grant funds this year. As long as the funds are used for housing and community improvement, it's open season.

To this end, the County wants your input. Sadly, the survey is not available in an online format. But here is a link to the paper survey. If you want to have the Dave Matthews Band play your block party, you can advocate for that here. If you think the fire department needs a shinier truck, you can ask for that too.

As a resident of Affton, may I humbly suggest rating the following highly in an effort to make our community a better place for the long-term needs of its residents and to attract more visitors to the area:

1) Job Creation & Retention
2) Park & Recreational Facilities
3) Community Centers
4) Sidewalk Improvements
5) Accessibility Improvements
6) Facade Improvements
7) Start Up Business Assistance

I like to hear from you as well on your thoughts.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger DORALCLAYTON said...

mr.Mayor,I LIVE IN THE BAYLESS SCHOOL DISTRICT AND MY CHILDREN AND GRANCHILDREN ATTEND BAYLESS SCHOOLS.i AM APPALED THAT MY 5&8 YEAR OLD GRANCHILDREN ARE BEING FORCED TO WALK TO SCHOOL,WHEN i LIVE OVER A MILE FROM THE SCHOOL,NOT TO MENTION THAT THEY WOULD HAVE TO CROSS GRAVOIS WHICH IS A VERY BUSY INTERSECTION FOR SUCH SMALL CHILDREN.I also have printed up a least of sex offenders that live in the 63123 zip code ,and there is 18 total.I can not believe that a school district would not want to be more protective of the children especially the little ones.I have a letter in to MR.hICKY FROM BAYLESS I still have not heard from him and school startes this wenesday.I do not want not to send my grandchildren to schoolbut I am not going to put them in a situation that is not safe for them to walk.What do you think can be done about this.Sincerely Mrs.Clayton


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