Tuesday, April 11, 2006

It's Good to Be the Mayor--One Week of Progress

Well, it seems that my little cyber-Affton is catching on. Reading this column qualifies you as an astute citizen of Affton and the surrounding areas. Sure, I'm not as popular as some other St. Louis area blogs like Urban Review or Urban STL, but they are for the masses. I only want readership from my 20,000 or so closest neighbors.

I need to borrow the First Lady's camera again, but I have definitive proof that my campaign gained some attention. El Maguey, the Mexican restaurant about which I posted previously, has just installed Malibu Lights in the front garden. As you'll recall, on another previous post, I indicated how these lights show that you care enough about your property to dump $60 bucks or so on some crappy low-voltage lighting. Clearly an investment in Affton's real estate future! (I really do appreciate people putting time and investment into their yards, but lightening bugs make brighter lights than Malibu lights...I just don't see the point.)


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