Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Mayor Interviewed By CNN Radio!

I happened to be walking downtown today and I was approached by Ed McCarthy of CNN. He was here covering the World Series, but it seems the other agenda on all reporters minds is the Talent/McCaskill/Michael J. Fox race for the Senate. I was not asked who I was voting for, but I was asked my opinions of the race. I said that the dirty campaigns sucked and really detracted from any examiniation of the issues and that dirty politics was a crappy way to win anything. I'm not sure what seat Fox is running for but he still is better looking than the quickly aging McCaskill. I would ceratinly not cast votes on looks, but I like Fox in the commercials over her.

Thank god we AREN'T voting on looks! In Affton my choices for County Council are Barbara Fraser and the venerable Kurt Odenwald. Barb is well made up in her ads, but is touching a lot of old people in them and giving me the creeps. Odenwald on the other hand sent me a postcard this week and he has the good sense to be casual in his pics. As incumbent he can afford that. He should however have the printer ramp down the cyan and magenta. On the card, Kurt's skin is as orange as Fr. Biondi's and (as former SLU employee) that also gives me the creeps.

In the interview, I was also asked what I thought the future of politics held. I explained that I foresee a large number of average-Joe citizens, so disgruntled with the current system, and so removed from the "old boys" network of candidates that become engaged. I think that the younger teachers next door or the president of a neighborhood association will start running campaigns and filling in local seats. I think there's going to be a lot more Jessie Venturas, Al Frankens and Ahhh-nold Schwartzeneggers running races and running the states. Maybe there will be more pretend Mayors too.

I also must note the ridiculous Cardinals Fever downtown. There are cameras everywhere! Tents going up, stages being built, money being made. It's great to see. I myself personally am sporting a Scott Spiezio-inspired "naturally red" goatee for the Series. Go Cards!!!


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