Monday, October 23, 2006

We have Much To Discuss

After finally returning to the ACBA meetings, I have some good news for you, my Afftonians! The jobs are in fact returning to the former Nestle plant. 40 of them to be exact and that number is scheduled to grow with time. The Kerry Group of Ireland is moving in. Now originally, I was told that they were a candy company. When I think "Irish" and "Candy" I can only think of whiskey. Alas, they make food additives and not the sweet nectar of my people that makes one dance on tables, get in fights, and procreate. The Mayor's Office, also fellow Irish folk, would like to officially welcome the Kerry Group to town. According to my sources, they are pretty amped up about moving here and would like to employ a number of local folks.

NEW CONTACT INFO: POSTED 11-14-06--Julie Horras is the HR contact for Kerry Group. She is accepting resumes by email and fax at 773-247-4945.

In other news, I was bent on going in there actually and asking what the ACBA's purpose or mission was. Happily, I found out that the UMSL group are planning that for us. Hopefully it will spell a new beginning to the ACBA and a lot of civic action for Affton. These things take time, but I will keep you updated.

We have some volunteer crews out doing home repairs for seniors. If your business has any building materials they can donate, please contact me.

Lakewood Meeting: There was a meeting for the Lakewood neighborhood on 10/9 and attendance was huge. About 125 folks went. While the meeting was planned by the County to hear residents' issues about property and such, the purpose was never really stated to the residents, nor was it published on the County's web site. I was told at the ACBA meeting that it was not published because it was simply a neighborhood meeting and those residents also got flyers in the mail, but I don't see the harm in publishing it. Hell, I didn't know about it until a resident emailed me asking to know what it was all about! What's the worst that could happen...people from outside that neighborhood might become interested in that neighborhood? Hey Charlie Dooley! Please publish those meetings!

Sleeper School: Bayless. This is one school district you rarely hear about. It's a shame too because I wish I had the spirit and spunk of Superintendent Dr. Clancy-May running my first grade school! She seems to have a lot of pioneering programs in her district. To show it off, they are hosting an open house on Wednesday the 25th and would like your attendance. It's in the day between 8am and 1pm, so you can still catch the Cardinals' game. (You were going to blow off work anyway that day.) The High School address is 4530 Weber Road, 63123 and is located on the south west corner of the district campus. Parking is across the street at the Elementary School and along side of the High School (west side of entrance).

VOTE: Please remember to get out there and vote November 7. Wheel out your seniors, young folks, and new americans and prepare to get touchy-feely with the new voting machines.


At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is great something is coming to the Nestle building.
As a kid we used to go dumpster diving their to find discarded candy. Oh the fun we had.
When you said an Irish Corp was coming I had visions of dumpster diving for discarded whiskey.
Bayless: we live in Bayless. The school itself still has a long way to go. There is a large elderly community who have no interst in seeing the district succeed. EG Mr Levy. A few years back the ovens broke in the grade school and an vote was put to the people to buy new ones. It failed so the rest of that year the kids had to eat cold lunches or cross Weber to get a hot meal at the high school. In our 9 years here only 2 items have passed the voters for the school.
This leads to many young families leaving when their kids reach school age or sending them to St Dominic or Dubourg HS.
We would love to stay but until the community takes an interest in Bayles as a School system many good solid members will continue to flee to Affton, Lindbergh and Mehlville.




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