Thursday, November 09, 2006

Elections Over...Phone Stops Ringing

The Mayor's Mansion has been full of "potty mouth" lately due to the incessant robo-calls from tape recorders looking to get elected. Thankfully that mess is behind us now and I hope you voted and your candidates did well.

Sadly, Kurt Odenwald was unseated from his County Council post by Barbara Fraser. Now it's not like Kurt and I were friends, but he was smart enough to email me information for the people of Affton and his assistant, David was good-spirited enough to actually address me as "the Mayor" at the ACBA meetings. These things make me laugh, and also make me think that this blog is worth continuing. With this in mind, I'd like to announce that I will soon be moving to a proper domain and hopefully an improved blog system in the next week or so.

And with that in mind, I invite Barbara Fraser and her staff to the next ACBA meeting on Nov. 16th. I know U. City is a long way to come, but hopefully you can make it.


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